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Bedside Stories
behind closed doors and under stars
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11th-Jul-2006 06:42 pm - anyone out there?
30th-Nov-2005 07:39 am(no subject)
man i havent shown my pretty face here in a while
6th-Jun-2005 11:28 pm - the human zoo
went to vegas.
had a blast.
cirque du soleil is the shit.
if anyone gets a chance to see Zumanity you shoudl take it. Its fucking hottttt

THe soundtrack isnt that bad either.
29th-May-2005 10:12 pm - gone to vegas
bye till friday
24th-May-2005 05:55 pm(no subject)
Hello ALl

A few updates:

1. Aaron and I broke up

2. Vegas in 6 days.

3. ....i guess i dont have a third point.
15th-May-2005 12:05 pm(no subject)

Now I am waiting for Brian (twin) and Roger to turn 21 then i'll be good.

Last night's party at Jasons house was interesting. I learned new things about people heehee and one scary thing about people, drinking, and the dark side. when people drink and go to the dark side .....they dont come back until they wake up. and its a fact. but jason still is the shit so...yea. cool.

15 days to vegas. HELL YEA......
6th-May-2005 11:15 pm - soap rantings....kim will undertand.
fuck passions. their story officially sucks ...except the whole beth/edna/alistair thing....i guess mainly i hate the gwen/theresa/ethan story. he is betraying the mother of his children....theresa needs to forget ethan
2nd-May-2005 08:18 am - In exactly one month
I will be waking up to a beautiful desert sunrise overlooking Las Vegas Blvd. (aka the strip)
19th-Apr-2005 12:03 pm - the pope and texas
So I was watching the first papal blessing by Benedict the 16 and what did I see? I saw a huge Texas flag being waved in the crowd. And that right there is why i love being a texan.
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